Borgese S.R.L. Società Benefit is a company committed to promoting sustainability and social welfare. On this webpage, we describe our initiatives and our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Environment and food safety


Our mission is to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner, pursuing the following aims of common benefit.

Food safety

We adopt procedures that guarantee the highest levels of food safety, excellence in quality and authenticity and naturalness of the products used. We value and promote a culture of respect for the environment, especially among young people.

Reducing environmental impact

We reduce our environmental impact by using environmentally friendly raw materials and products, minimising packaging and adopting alternatives to plastic for detergents and such.

Enhancing the environment

We enhance the environment in which the company operates, promoting it as an attraction for young people, fostering their inclusion and allowing them to express their professional skills, with a special focus on artists.

Socialisation and inclusion

We create an environment of socialisation and inclusion, which combines freedom of expression and sharing of professionalism with security for the youngest in the critical adolescent phase.

Collaboration and synergy

We take the area in which we operate to heart, promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness of environmental protection. We offer spaces and initiatives that encourage young people to gather, meet and express themselves, creating a safe and inclusive environment for all. We give visibility and opportunities to emerging talent, creating a vibrant cultural nightlife that is accessible to residents.

Collaboration and socialisation


We pursue our aims of common benefit through a range of activities.

Production of positive effects

We enhance the environment in which the company operates; we promote socialisation and inclusion of young people and adolescents, while creating a safe place to value inclusion, respect for the environment and the safety of places; we create a movida of young artists available to residents.

Collaboration with stakeholders

We believe in collaboration and teamwork to achieve ambitious and lasting goals. For this reason, we actively collaborate with a network of stakeholders that includes people, communities and organisations that share our values and our vision of a more sustainable future.

Our Commitment


We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability performance and to contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

How you can contribute
You can contribute to our commitment to sustainability by choosing our products and services, supporting our initiatives and spreading the word about our company.